Beware The Past a Gripping Crime Thriller with A Huge Twist Review

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Book review

The novel “Beware the past a gripping crime thriller with a huge twist” was written by Joy Ellis. According to the book, the writer presents a stunning crime case that led to the murder of three young boys. As the book puts it, the killer is killed afterward. After a multitude of years, the killer seems to go back home looking for Matt, a protagonist in the novel. Despite the fact that the murderer was killed, Matt did not believe. After twenty-five years, Matt gets a photo of Gibbet Fen, a victim of the killings. Additional photos related to the intimate private life of Matt and historical murders.

Matt Ballard is disturbed by the previous case of killings. When reading the book, you would like to discover the reason Matt is haunted. Bodies of three young boys were discovered tortured. Despite the fact that the murderer was killed, Matt did not believe the story of the killing of the perpetrator. Matt, a protagonist in the novel; discovered a body of one of the victims. Such an experience affected Matt badly.

Reading the book, another killing happens. This time around, it has some hallmarks of the previous case. Joy Ellis brings the reader to confusion and wants to read more. Has the murderer returned or is it a copycat targeting to ruin Matt’s reputation? Matt’s friends are in danger because the killer plays a brain game using a detective. Matt in the company of his team plan to stop a cruel killer in the surround. Someone without boundaries. Reading the “Beware the past a gripping crime thriller with a huge twist” book makes you feel better and better. The author puts the ideas in a constructive and super flowing manner. Ready to attract the readers’ attention and yarn to read many of her copies.
The novel is well structured with a fast-paced criminal activist. The novel is bumped with memorable characters jumping up every turn of a page. While writing this novel review, I cannot fail to note the balance of personal life and professionalism expressed in the work. Joy credibly puts across every character. During the writing, the Joy creates suspense in the first page and carries on through to the last page. I would like to continue reading the book once another time.

This eBook review describes a unique novel from Joy Ellis. The book is full of brilliant ideas, a standalone copy in the market. The writer absorbs the reader into it. Despite that at some moments, the violence appeared difficult to address, I would rate the novel eight out of ten. The turns and twists of the ideas and suspending themes with red herrings. The pace of events is fast while the characters exhibit buried secrets of the old life. The book’s gripping storyline hooked me for a while.

According to me, Joy is perhaps my favorite writer. When reading the book, Matt hadn’t believed that the sadistic murderer was killed still existed. The photos start arriving, and such incidents arose Matt’s consciousness about the existence of the thrilling killer. Matt gets in the race to unravel the situation before a second killing happens. At such a point, Matt loses the loved ones. The book starts creating an adrenaline pumping pace and increases as you dig down the book. The work of Joy acts like a psychological thriller to the best. The reader gets insights into the brain of the insane. Miraculously, Joy created something imaginable. The reader develops comprehensive insights into the character’s mind. The development of the characters is filled with brilliant thoughts, though briefly introduced but well put across. Such abilities convince me to rate the book five stars. Am thinking it is wow to spend time reading the novel.

If it were possible, I would buy it for my grandma. As you walk the journey through the pages, you are passed through turns and twists, following a page after the other, not even able to guess when the story will end. The introduction and the participation of the characters in the play keep awake and wanting to know what happens next. I lack words what the next release will look like. It is impossible to understand if there will be an end of the story and even if it will come, it is certainly impossible to guess what to expect. The book deserves support because it is the best. The writer introduced a pleasing end. I think it is a book I would list on my Christmas shopping list as a gift to my aunt. Joy Ellis presents herself as an exemplary writer, keeping the reader awake all through the pages.



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