The Trials of Adrian Wheeler

The Trials of Adrian Wheeler


Private Adrian Wheeler faces a court-martial trial while dealing with PTSD, sexual inadequacy, AIDS, and an unrelenting father.A young man returns from Baghdad with a mangled knee and no left arm, ever mindful of a tormented past and even bleaker future. His brother, John Mike, didn't return at all. One chilly morning in February both participated in a reconnaissance mission that tragically failed. A mission where innocent women and children died along with John Mike and other combatants. As the sole survivor Adrian carries the details of that trauma deep within his subconscious, and drinks excessively in hopes of hiding from the boogymen that torment his dreams.In his compromised mental and physical condition Adrian does everything he can to avoid seeing Rachael, his girl since the first grade. But he can't escape his domineering father, a retired Vietnam veteran who bullied him into joining the Marines in the first place. When he begins to turn things around and take control of his life, he's charged with murdering the innocent women and children. Private Wheeler finds himself the center of the most important court-martial trial of the Iraqi war; his only hope is to move beyond his trauma and the terrible secret that lies deep within the cellar of his psyche.

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Steve Shear
Paperback | 336 pages
139.7 x 215.9 x 25.4mm | 385.55g
Publication date
31 Mar 2011
L & L Dreamspell
Publication City/Country
United States